Overview of Tribal CMS

Tribal CMS is a content management system developped by Tribal Solutions.

It has been developped to put an end to usual irritating aspects of working with a CMS, which are :

  • Security flaws (Joomla, Wordpress)
  • Time required for updates and costs related to adding features (Drupal)
  • Ease of use. (After noticing that most of our clients under Wordpress or Joomla would prefer contacting us for minor updates because they found the interface too complex.)
  • The slow speed of plugin-bloated content management systems.

A few features of Tribal CMS:

  • Tribal CMS is entirely adapted to every client. Think of it as a custom control panel for every client.  You sell flowers? You'll have a "Flowers" button to add and remove your flowers.  When you add flowers, you won't be simply adding a "page" that you'll have to file in the right category, you'll be adding a flower with all of the custom features of a flower.  Adding news? You'll have a date field, a title field, and a text field, etc.
  • Tribal CMS has a very intuitive user interface.  Everything is centralized to what you're doing.  Adding a flower?  You won't have to go to the photo-gallery plugin to add your pictures, then go to your multilingual plugin to add your translations, and then come back to your flower page to add technical tags for the picture gallery to show.   You'll just have to fill the form a click save.
  • It is multilingual.  No plugins, no hassle. Just fill in your content and click save.

Tribal CMS is essentialy a framework which allows Tribal Solutions to deploy website with huge features, very fast.  We can deploy complex database relationships without the need of reverting to plugins, modifying them, and hoping that they don't get hacked.

Nothing is a plugin. Everything is custom-made for you.

In other words, we can deploy in days what would take us weeks to do with Wordpress. And you get an interface that'll take you minutes to understand.

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